2 Replies to “Day 247 – September 4”

  1. I listened to “On the Incarnation” today and they talked about that Goodness had substance and evil nothingness and used the picture of a fine pot of clay that was Substance and then got a crack that Was not.  And then I thought about the lack of being or substance (?) when I entered the apartment where I found my father dead – and now you talking about Agape as goodness – as Love. Strange because often we do not consider Being as Substance though you can start a computer with the eyes. Thank you for having the opportunity to listen to you.

    1. Thank you for sharing. It also reminds me of CS Lewis book, The Great Divorce. It is a parable of the Heaven and Hell. Heaven is substance; it is real; it is solid. Hell is soft, gray, weak, does not hold together.

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