One Reply to “Day 54 – February 23, 2020”

  1. No talking dog? You’d be surprised!

    I, too, love the story of Balaam’s talking donkey.

    I feel badly for the poor donkey, who suffers so grievously from Balaam’s disobedience that she actually kneels prostrate on the ground before the angel of the Lord.

    I have a guide dog. If she wants to go a different way than what I have in mind, I listen to her, and go with her. (Usually her nonintention to proceed the way we are going is quite clear.)

    Perhaps God knows the reason. Perhaps I’m being disobedient, ignorant or bull-headed about something. In my heart and mind I may be too blind to realize it.

    Shame on me if I abuse her, insist on my own way, and make her actually have to open her mouth and speak to me!

    Susan Blandina Jones, Indianapolis IN

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