3 Replies to “Day 298 – October 25, 2020”

  1. Thank you for doing this, father Alexis. It really means a lot. The recipe is excellent: a bit of Old Testament, a (half to whole) Psalm, one proverb, a bit of Gospel.
    It gives us a balanced diet which is actually “edible”.
    In my previous attempts to listen to the whole Bible, I would start with Old Testament, Genesis, and by Leviticus I would give up as it is almost unbearable.
    Your format keeps the readings fresh and interesting.
    And then comes the “desert”: your excellent comments, reflections, insights or encouragements.
    A real delight for the soul!

    I discovered you ten days ago and started from January, 2-3 meals a day:-) I’m already in February and hope to join you in real time by December:-)


  2. I should have counted the days of the year before leaving the previous comment:-)
    I’m at the end of March now. I found out that I can suggest 2-3 a day in average. But this is so precious, especially during the lockdown here in UK with churches closed. It keeps the “staying in touch” with Orthodoxy alive.
    May God bless you abundantly for this, father Alexis


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