2 Replies to “Day 314 – November 10”

  1. Thank you Fr. Alex for your daily Scripture readings and the Reading Club. Today, Isiah 58 : brought to mind our last reading : Pearl of Great Price- The life ofMother Maria Skobtsova. God tell His people, you come to my temple service, read the Law, fast and pray but then turn and are offensive to Me and My children. Like Mother Maria , He wants us to feed the poor, help the needy and oppressed and to keep the the Sabbath holy. Mother Maria, to many, did not seem to do the ‘correct’ things but her actions were what God desire us to do in Isiah 58 Yes, it is good to read the life of the saints over many times because they put the scriptures words into action Jesus told us that just by calling on the name of the Lord we do not enter the kingdom of God , but hearing His Word and doing It
    Again, thank you so much for your time and effort for the Scriptures reading, the reading club and now Introduction to Orthodoxy They have been a blessing in my journey……. Mona

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