4 Replies to “Day 365 – December 31”

  1. Thank you for this work, Fr Alexis! I’m a stay at home mom of four (10 months, 2,3 and 5) and also a homesteader, and I have tried so hard to develop a habit of scripture study, despite being very busy. For this season in my life, your readings are making me able to do it!

  2. Father Alexis,
    I listened to your podcast almost every day. Thank you for providing this spiritual growth opportunity.
    You have a soothing voice, great insight and wonderful messages. I never thought I could read through the Bible in one year. Thanks to you that I did!

    My mother passed away in January 2019 and at her funeral a relative told me about your podcast. It has provided comfort to me during some difficult times this year.

    May God bless you!
    Stacy Kafkes

  3. Father, thank you so much for another wonderful year of scripture! Looking forward to next year. May God grant you the strength and energy to keep the love going. Jameelie Dayoub El Paso, TX

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