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  1. I posted my comment on December 5th by accident and I meant to put it on January 5th. My question was why is wisdom addressed as she in the scriptures? Thank you and God bless you Father Kouri and all that you’re doing. I greatly appreciate you.

    1. Heather, beyond the fact that Wisdom in both Hebrew and Greek is a feminine word, when we look at the context, we see that the Book of Proverbs is addressed to a young man. (Proverbs 1:4,5,9) Wisdom then is described as something to desire. As a young man would desire a Bride. Or as someone to listen to such as your sister. In addition, the opposite of Wisdom, a lack of discernment, is also described in the feminine, as in a young man without discernment is attracted to the prostitute. (Proverbs 7) For example Proverbs 7:5-6 Say that wisdom is your sister, And gain discernment as a friend for yourself, So they may keep you from a strange and evil woman, If she comes at you with flattering words.

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