15 Replies to “Day 60 – March 1, 2020”

  1. No reading today!? What’s yo

    On Sat, Feb 29, 2020, 11:43 PM Daily Orthodox Scriptures wrote:

    > dailyorthodoxscriptures posted: ” Deuteronomy 1, 2; Psalms 52, 53; > Proverbs 11:6–10; Mark 7:1–23 ” >


  2. Enjoyed your singing Hymns yesterday for the leap year extra day Father. So nice to hear them bringing memories when you served in Louisville.
    And today I heard on your Matthews reading that Qurban means “ a gift”, wow that’s what we call the Eucharist, taking communion in the Ethiopian Orthodox. We say taking Qurban. A new enlightenment for me.
    Blessed journey of lent to His Glorious Pascha.


  3. I thought it was a trick to get us to reflect on our upcoming Lenten journey 🙂 Thanks for all of these, been listening since Jan 1,2020.


  4. Thank you for fixing the post that was only music. However, I noticed that the Google Podcast did not update, even though AFR and this site did.


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