Day 143 – May 23, 2021

Job 33; Psalm 117:1–16; Proverbs 25:6–11; John 7:37-8:2

Job 33

Elihu Claims He Speaks for God

1 “Nevertheless, hear my words, Job, And pay close attention to what I say.† 

2 For behold, I have opened my mouth And my tongue has spoken. 

3 By my words, my heart shall be found pure; And the understanding of my lips will think pure thoughts. 

4 The divine Spirit has made me, And the breath of the Almighty is that which teaches me.† 

5 Give me an answer to these things if you can. Endure and stand firm against me, and I against you. 

6 You and I were formed out of the clay; Thus, we have been formed out of the same substance. 

7 My fear will not distract you, Neither shall my hand be heavy on you. 

8 “However you said in my hearing (I heard the voice of your words), 

9 For you say, ‘I am pure, for I have not sinned. I am blameless, for I have not acted lawlessly. 

10 Yet He has found a charge against me; He has counted me as His enemy. 

11 He has put my feet in the stocks, And He watches all my paths.’ 

12 “For how can you say, ‘I am righteous, yet He has not listened to me’? For He that is above mortals is eternal. 

13 But you say, ‘Why has He not heard every word of my cause?’ 

14 For when the Lord speaks once, Or in another time in a dream, 

15 Or in a meditation of the night (As when dreadful fear falls upon men While slumbering on their bed), 

16 Then He unveils the hearts of men And frightens them with such fearful visions 

17 So as to turn man from his wrongdoing; Thus He delivers his body from a fall. 

18 He keeps back his soul from death And does not allow him to fall in war. 

19 “Again He also chastens him with sickness on his bed, And the multitude of his bones grow numb. 

20 He is not able to receive any food, Though his soul may long for it, 

21 Until his flesh wastes away And he shows his bones bare. 

22 His soul also draws near to death And his life to Hades. 

23 “If there are a thousand death-bringing messengers, None of them shall wound him. If he purposes in his heart to turn to the Lord, And declares to man his fault, and shows his folly, 

24 He will support him, that he might not fall into death; And He will renew his body like fresh plaster upon a wall, And fill his bones with marrow. 

25 He will make his flesh young like a child’s And restore him among men in full manhood. 

26 He shall pray to the Lord, and his prayer shall be accepted. He shall come to prayer with an innocent face And with an utterance of thanksgiving, For He will restore righteousness to men. 

27 Even then, a man shall blame himself, saying, ‘I am to blame because of what I did, Yet He has not examined my guilt To the extent of my unworthiness.’ 

28 Save my soul from going down to corruption, So my life shall see the light. 

29 “Behold all these things: The Mighty One works three ways with a man. 

30 But He has delivered my soul from death That my life may praise Him in the light. 

31 “Give ear, Job; listen to me; Hold your peace, and I will speak.† 

32 If you have anything to say, answer me; Speak, for I desire you to be declared as righteous. 

33 If not, listen to me; Hold your peace, and I will teach you wisdom.”

Psalms 117

1 Alleluia. †Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His mercy endures forever. 

2 Let the house of Israel say that He is good, For His mercy endures forever. 

3 Let the house of Aaron say that He is good, For His mercy endures forever. 

4 Let all who fear the Lord say that He is good, For His mercy endures forever. 

5 In affliction I called upon the Lord, And He heard me in a broad place. 

6 The Lord is my helper; I shall not be afraid of what man will do to me. 

7 The Lord is my helper; I shall look upon my enemies. 

8 It is good to trust in the Lord Rather than to trust in man; 

9 It is good to hope in the Lord Rather than to hope in rulers. 

10 All the nations surrounded me, But in the name of the Lord I defended myself against them; 

11 They circled and surrounded me, But in the name of the Lord I defended myself against them; 

12 They surrounded me like bees around a honeycomb, And they were inflamed like fire in a thorn bush; But in the name of the Lord I defended myself against them. 

13 I was shoved and disheartened, that I might fall, But the Lord took hold of me. 

14 The Lord is my strength and my song, And He became my salvation. 

15 The sound of exceeding joy and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; The right hand of the Lord worked its power; 

16 The right hand of the Lord exalted me; The right hand of the Lord worked its power.

Proverbs of Solomon 25

6 Do not brag on yourself in the presence of the king, Neither stand in the places of princes;† 

7 For it is better that it be said to you, “Come up to me,” Than for you to be humbled in the presence of a prince. 

8 Speak the things your eyes see.† 

9 Do not enter into a quarrel quickly, That you may not be sorry in the end. 

10 When your friend reproaches you, Retreat and do not despise him, 

11 Lest your friend continue to reproach you, And your quarrel and enmity shall not depart, But be equal to death for you.

John 7

The Promise of Pentecost

37 On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.†

38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

39 But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.

Reaction to Jesus’ Teaching

40 Therefore many from the crowd, when they heard this saying, said, “Truly this is the Prophet.”†

41 Others said, “This is the Christ.” But some said, “Will the Christ come out of Galilee?†

42 Has not the Scripture said that the Christ comes from the seed of David and from the town of Bethlehem, where David was?”

43 So there was a division among the people because of Him.

44 Now some of them wanted to take Him, but no one laid hands on Him.

45 Then the officers came to the chief priests and Pharisees, who said to them, “Why have you not brought Him?”†

46 The officers answered, “No man ever spoke like this Man!”

47 Then the Pharisees answered them, “Are you also deceived?

48 Have any of the rulers or the Pharisees believed in Him?

49 But this crowd that does not know the law is accursed.”

50 Nicodemus (he who came to Jesus by night, being one of them) said to them,†

51 “Does our law judge a man before it hears him and knows what he is doing?”

52 They answered and said to him, “Are you also from Galilee? Search and look, for no prophet has arisen out of Galilee.”

53 And everyone went to his own house.

John 8

Jesus Restores the Adulterous Woman

1 But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

2 Now early in the morning He came again into the temple, and all the people came to Him; and He sat down and taught them.

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