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Fr Alexis will be starting reading out loud the book Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives, February 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm (EST). Here is the Google Meet link:  https://meet.google.com/fct-uhjo-jwq

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  2. Fr. Stephen Lourie – 700 Shamrock Blvd Venice FL – An Orthodox priest serving an OCA parish in Venice FL.
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    That you for these readings, they’re wonderful. May God bless your ministry! Just FYI, the text on this page has…

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  8. Father, how can one remember all the names & genealogies mentioned in Genesis AND the genealogy of Christ?

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  10. Do I have the choice to mutes background music?. It is really annoying. I love everything. May God bless all…

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  13. I wish Father’s after comments were included here. They are so important and I’d like to be able to refer…

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  23. Dear Mark, I love Ancient Faith but kept having glitches with Dauly Orthodox Scriptures. When I started following on Dailyorthodoxscriptures.com,…

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  27. The episode that was pushed out to podcast apps today (Jan 1) was day 10 (Jan 10); this affects at…

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  42. Thank you, Father. Congrats on Day 300! I started somewhere around the 180th day and, Lord willing, look forward to…

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  45. Thank you for providing these. The readings and your commentary are a great comfort – an anchor – in these…

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  47. I just found out about this website! I struggle with reading daily, but in audio format, I’m able to incorporate…

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  54. Christ is Risen!!! My son (21 yrs old) asked me the other day what happened to the soldiers that were…

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  56. The same scripture (Prov. 12:26-31) spoke powerfully to me. I had recently gone to confession over this because I had…

  57. Father I gained much from your lesson on not remembering wrongs today. I have been praying for some help with…

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  61. Ink Pastries – Boulder County, Colorado, USA – The Book of Job humbles me. Revelation of the truth comes to me through Scripture and just the thoughts that rhyme with God's. Sometimes I walk in fear, but mostly I walk in God's love which blots out that fear. I doubt, I assess my conscience, I confess, I repent, I pray, I am told, I listen, I try to obey what I hear, I have faith, I go to sleep and meet God in my dreams sometimes, and do it all over again the next day. Pray for me to discern what I should show you and what I should not. Blessings, Sheri

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