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19 Replies to “PrayerList”

  1. The DOS for adults has not posted along with the kids version on 1/29 and 1/30. The 1/29 posted just after 8:30 a.m. but as of 8:55am EST, the 1/30 is missing.

    1. Hi Cindy. I’m not sure why that happened. It may be because I am sending out 2 now after midnight. So I will start to send the Kids DOS after midnight and the Adult DOS after 1am. Hopefully that will fix the problem. Glad you’re listening and taking the journey with us!

      1. Thanks! Both Monday and Tuesday are now available in the morning. Whatever the glitch was, it seems to be fixed. I don’t think it was just an email thing though because the audio wasn’t available on the website either. I am really benefitting from starting my day with the readings and your commentary. Glory to God for your ministry!

  2. Hi Fr. Alexis,

    Thank you for guiding us through this beautiful journey of the scriptures.
    I don’t know how to access the prayer requests from the community. I only see how one can submit them.


  3. Hi, Father Alexis,
    I am looking for the community prayer requests page to pray for the community, but I am only finding this page where one can submit a prayer request. Please direct me to the list of requested prayers.

  4. Good morning! The daily scripture is not posted for today Dec 22, just checking in because I always start my day with the daily scriptures. This is my 3rd year:) Thank you!!

  5. You cannot see prayer requests in mobile version (phone). At least I cannot. But it’s all there on desktop!

    1. I see it on the mobile version on the homepage, You can’t see it from the post page. So if you are on the post page, tap the white cross on the top of the page to bring you to the home page, and then scroll down. Hope this helps. You can also get there from the menu.

  6. Are the Father’s daily comments on the scripture readings published somewhere? I am continually stunned how helpful they are with understanding the verses…. I would like to be able to review them as needed or as interests reoccur….? I look forward to them… daily homilies…. they lead me to prayer.

      1. I agree that the commentary brings the readings to life. Thank you father Alexis and all others involved. This resource is a blessing to those of us that use it.

  7. Do you actually go through the ENTIRE Bible? Every verse? Does the Orthodox Study Bible reading plan go through the whole Bible or just the highlights? Or if not, do you just fill in the blanks?

    1. Actually Wesley, we do. We go through the ENTIRE Bible. Every Verse. That’s why it takes 365 days, at least this plan of reading. A person can go slower or quicker if they desire. To go through the whole Bible, start on Day 1 and move through to Day 365. – Fr Alex

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